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День толерантности.

26 ноября 2014 года в рамках "Недели толерантности" прошел праздник "Санкт-Петербург собирает друзей".  В этот день в нашу школу пришли студенты -иностранцы СПбГУ. Для них проведена экскурсия по школе, по русской традиции  угостили студентов пирогами. Студенты провели для учащихся нашей школы мастер-классы. В завершении праздника провели "круглый стол".


Student Union26 ноя в 21:50


Немного о том, как наши иностранцы сегодня впервые посетили русскую школу.

"Today a group of foreign students visited a Russian school! The school was for children between the age of 6 and 18 years. We were welcomed by some of the students and the director of the school. We entered the hall, in which the children have to change their shoes, so the floors will stay clean. We dropped our stuff in the garderobe and got a tour through the school. The director told us about the history of the school and showed us pictures (she went to the same school as a kid) and showed us the cantine where the kids eat breakfast and lunch. We visited some classrooms and all the kids have to stand up when a teacher comes in. Also she showed the directors office and she told us about the history of Leningrad. After that there was time to drink a cup of tea and try some Russian food. In the room where we were, girls learned to sew and to prepare food.

After our short break we gathered with the students in a concert room. We introduced ourselves and we were divided in three groups. In the first group our Lithuanian students taught a Lithuanian dance. In the second group our Japanese students taught origami. And in the third group our students from Taiwan, Thailand and Holland told about their country and culture. The students liked it a lot. After this we all gathered in the concert room again and the students could ask us questions.

At the end of this meeting, some Russian children sang a song for us, and were wearing traditional clothes. When the ceremony ended all kids wanted to make photos with us. 

We all had a lot of fun and it was a great experience to visit a Russian school!"

Martine van der Veen, Holland



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